Founded in 1831, the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) ( is one of the nine leading Institutes of Technology in Germany ( with around 29.000 students and >330 professors in natural sciences and engineering, humanities and social sciences as well law and economics. The L3S Research Center ( is a joint research institute of Leibniz Universität Hannover and TU Braunschweig, formally associated to Hannover. Work at L3S focuses on cutting-edge methods and technologies for intelligent, reliable and responsible systems. Its research is connected to application areas including the Web, intelligent mobility and production, personalized medicine, and educations.

L3S can rely on organisation and infrastructure of LUH. LUH and the Student Service Hannover in collaboration with the city of Hannover provide services to support foreign students before and during their stay in Hannover. Students have direct access to TIB in Hannover which provides access to all publications in the relevant areas. L3S provides access to innovative and cutting-edge datasets and technologies for Web Science. Unique to the infrastructure is the availability of the German Web archive (.de domain) and the UK Web archive (.uk domain). L3S also hosts a Hadoop Cluster which enables parallel processing of data-intensive computations: 2 master and 37 compute nodes, 488 CPU cores, 6011 GB RAM, 2170 TB HD.