The Southampton Law School (SLS) is a leading research player in its field: In 2015 84% of its research activity was acknowledged as internationally excellent or of world-leading quality. As part of SLS, the Institute for Law and the Web (ILAWS) is at the forefront of research in the areas of information technology law and intellectual property, including privacy and data protection, Big Data, copyright and trademarks. ILAWS has developed strong links with practitioners, regulators, and policy-makers and actively shapes the Web science agenda through its involvement in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Web Science.

The research will be carried out at Ilaws, SLS and within the umbrella of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Web Science. ILAWS offers opportunities to attend specialist and cross-disciplines events, seminars, workshops and conferences as well as possibilities to attend Master modules in the field of IT law. The Centre for Doctoral Training in Web Science, as the umbrella institution offers a research programme specifically aimed at expanding students’ understanding of the architectural principles of the Web. The University offers students access to the Hartley Library, including access to a wide range of international and national research e-resources and a complete postgraduate research training programme.